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artists on this label

Kelsey Cronauer
Child Prodigies

A compliation CD project of 2007.

Taylor Sappe

Music teacher for the DeMelfi School of Music and producer for Captain Blue Records.


Joggyn Smyler

Composer of Wayward Friend, recorded by KelC.

Dean Devakant Kupetz

Composer of the song "Holding On To Remembering", recorded by KelC.

The Garrett Band

Nanette and William Garrett wrote the song "Destiny", recorded by KelC.

Jerry Vandiver & Tara Ritts

Jerry and Tara wrote the song "One Minute", Recorded by KelC

Danny DeMelfi

Danny wrote the songs "The Choice" and "Give Me Time", Recorded by KelC


Dave Spittler

Dave wrote "You Got Branded", Recorded by KelC


Lana Sprague

Wrote "Droppin' Names", recorded by KelC


Matt Pless

Wrote "Tomorrow Is A Word We'll Never Know", Recorded by KelC


Taylor Sappe & Kelsey Cronauer

Wrote "Old Country Legends", Recorded by KelC


Paul Bettencourt (aka Paul Edward Gabriel)

Wrote "The Fear Of Losing You", Recorded by KelC



DeMelfi School Of Music

The main doorway to Captain Blue Records for students.