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Captain Blue Records News


Taylor Sappe releases a piano solo album titled "The Master Number", based on numerology. Details and downloads can be found here:


KelC releases a 3-song Christmas album. Two of the songs, "Mistletoe and Boughs of Holly", were written by T.W. Lambert & Taylor Sappe; One song, "Big Ol' Country Christmas", was written by Harris Tobias & Taylor Sappe. You can hear clips and download the album at Over the next few days the album will be available on Itunes and many other digital distribution sites.


The album "Twelve Dozen Roses", as recorded by KelC is now available at and on ITunes as a "download only" album. One-off CDs are available only by special order for $10 plus $2 shipping in U.S.A. (Additional shipping charge outside the U.S.A.). Anyone who wishes to order a CD may send an email to with their request. Payments accepted by PayPal and check by mail.


On October 1st we released KelC's "Get Branded" CD. It is now available on CD Baby and many of the most popular digital distribution sites.  It can also be purchased from any of the songwriters on the CD, directly from KelC, or her manager Taylor Sappe, and is on sale locally at the DeMelfi School of Music and the Dragonfly in Hazleton, Pa., and Avalon, at the Frackville Mall in Frackville, Pa.


On October 3rd, we set sail for Nashville, where KelC will be performing in the Independent Music Festival. If you should happen to be in the Nashville area during that time, KelC will be performing on the 5th and 6th.  If you have songs to pitch, you can pitch them directly to KelC or her manager after hearing her live performance. KelC's debut CD "Get Branded" will be on sale at the performances.


The "KelC Chronicles" have been posted. Read the story about KelC from the perspective of her manager, Taylor Sappe.


Benefit show

On November 19th, 2011 at 6 pm, Taylor Sappe and KelC will each be performing at the First United Methodist Church, 25 Balliet St., Frackville, Pa. in a show to benefit the Pine Grove, Pa. 2011 flood victims. The show was arranged by Tiffany Maley as her senior project. Tiffany will also be performing in the show.



KelC's new release "The Choice" is now available on ITunes.


KelC's new release

The Choice, written by Danny DeMelfi, was submitted to CD Baby for digital distribution.


KelC's New song

The final mastering is now finished on KelC's new song "The Choice". The song depicts a young girl who had an abortion and later regretted it. A release date has not yet been set.


KelC's new release

KelC has a new single titled "One Minute", which was written by Jerry Vandiver, and Tara Ritts. It can now be heard on Jango, and can be downloaded at the reverbstore.

A special promotion is being run on the download of this song. Buy a download for only 99 cents before August 1st, 2011 and get a free download of your choice from KelC.


KelC starts new song

KelC (Kelsey Cronauer) has begun work on a new song written by Danny DeMelfi, titled "The Choice", which is a song about a young girl who had an abortion and later regretted it.


New single release by KelC

Today we released a new single by country singer KelC (Kelsey Cronauer) titled "Destiny". The song was written by William & Nanette Garrett of the "Garrett Band", Washington, NC. The song is one of four singles so far released from KelC's upcoming "Get Branded" CD, and is now being played on Jango internet Radio, and may be downloaded at CD Baby. This is a "Digital Distribution Only" release, and will soon be available on ITunes, Amazon, Zune, and many other digital download sites.


I have tried many different services for internet promotion and although some of them work well I have recently found one that works better than all of the others I have yet to see. As a producer, I am currently using this service to help promote KelC, and it has resulted in many new fans for her by getting her airplay right next to some very famous recording artists, just like getting played on a major commercial radio station only to millions of listeners all over the world. Just that alone is worth more than the cost of the service, but they also provide you with useful reports that show you how much airplay your got, how many new fans you got from each song that was played within a given week, where those fans are located, the age group and gender of the fans and much more.

If you go directly to this site and create an artist account you will immediately start paying for airplay credits. However, if you follow click here, you will receive 200 free airplay credits and can try it first to see if you like it before spending any money at all. The link I gave you is an invitation link provided by KelC. Both you and she will receive 200 free airplay credits when you open an artist account. There is no obligation to continue after using your bonus credits.


Venessa Vicoso, who most recently sang "Heart To God" on the Hazleton Rox CD, sang "Cold December Night" last year, and sang "Give Me Truth" on the Child Prodigies CD, will be joining KelC to sing back up in the studio and on live performances after her band is totally assembled.


We have just received the digital delivery report, which shows which companies "Hazleton Rox" has been delivered to. You can find this report on the Hazleton Rox Status page.


First press for "Hazleton Rox":


Hazleton Rox is now available on ITunes.


Hazleton Rox is now available on CD Baby. Listen first, then order the CD and have it shipped to you anywhere in the world, or download the entire album with artwork, or download individual songs.


Hazleton Rox CD is finished and copies are now being made for distribution. The scheduled release date for this project is 11/26/10. Check back here for when it will be available through digital distribution.


KelC is making a full length CD of old time country music. Four songs have been completed to date: Holding On To Remembering, Give Me Time, Destiny, and Wayward Friend. Holding On To Remembering and Give Me Time have both been uploaded for purchase, although not the best mixes. New mixes of those songs are in progress. Wayward Friend has been uploaded yesterday. We plan to upload Destiny sometime next week.

"Hazleton Rox" is a new compilation CD project with students and associates of the DeMelfi School of Music, Hazleton, Pa. All songs are completed and are waiting on the final assembly for release. We hope to have it released for the Thanksgiving to Christmas buying season.