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Captain Blue Records Recording Studio

This page has been updated 7/29/13 for downsizing and upgrading.

We use a combination of pro and semi-pro recording gear to help keep production costs down for those who rent our studio, which is available hourly or daily.

Equipment & Software

Custom dedicated computer system

Our latest system runs all of the software that we use on the above Lenovo computer, but this is a tower system. Not a laptop. This system boasts 32 GB RAM, 3.2 GHZ I5 Quadcord processor, 7200 RPM 500GB hard drive. Great for massive tracking projects and fast production of any large project.

bulletCubase 7.5 with Steinberg UR44 interface
bulletThis has recently become our main recording system inside the recording studio. It can be taken on small mobile jobs where a maximum of 2 inputs are required.
bulletAs an audio interface, we currently use the Steinberg UR 22 and UR 44, depending on how many inputs our clients need.
bulletMaximum sample rate: 192k
bulletMost used sample rate: 48k
bulletMaximum bit depth: 32 bit floating point (used on all recordings unless otherwise requested by clients)
bulletWavelab 7
bulletThis is our main post-production mastering software.
bulletOur masters are generally done at 48k 32 bit FP, then lower resolution files are created as needed from that master.
bulletMastering file capability: 192k 32 bit.


Solid state

bullet2 Pacific Pro Audio large diaphragm condenser mics
bullet2 Marshall large diaphragm condenser mics
bullet4 Small diaphragm condenser mics (marshall, CAD & Nady)


bulletMarshall large diaphragm


bullet1 Sennheiser 421MD dynamic mic


bulletM-Audio Key Studio 88
bulletThis is a midi keyboard with 88 full size weighted keys.
bulletYamaha 76 key digital grand piano

Virtual instruments

bulletThe Grand 3
bulletWe now have the sounds of 3 top of the line grand pianos
bulletYamaha C7
bulletSteinberg model D
bulletBossendorfer 290 97-key expressive grand piano
bulletCubase contains a wide variety of 32 bit VST3 virtual instruments with note expression. We constantly upgrade our library with more sounds as needed. We also use both Cubase and 3rd party plugins for processing.


We have a wide variety of instrument and drum loops in both audio and midi format, all transposable and ready to follow the tempo of your project.

VST connect

VST connect is a time and travel saver. It allows our studio to record someone from a distance, using a high speed internet connection. For instance, we could have tracks that were recorded in our studio playing while recording a vocalist in another country.  All it takes for the remote client is a high quality audio interface, webcam, and headphones. No software is needed. Click here to watch a Youtube video on how it works.

Studio rental rates

bulletRegular Hourly: $37.50
bulletIf 2 hours are paid for on any given day, $25 per hour student rates apply after those 2 hours and remain in effect for 30 days.
bulletIf less than 2 hours are needed on the first recording day and the balance of 2 hours is paid for, student rate applies for 30 days following.
bulletIf less than 2 hours are paid for, each session is priced at the regular hourly rate until 2 hours are paid for on one session day.
bulletStudents of DeMelfi School of Music: $30/hr
bulletStudents of Taylor Sappe: $25/hr
bulletDaily (8 hour): $200
bulletDaily sessions exceeding 8 hours are time-and-a-half of the minimum hourly rate
bulletWeekly (40 hours maximum (8 hours a day): $900
bulletDaily sessions exceeding 8 hours are time-and-a-half of the minimum hourly rate
bulletWeekly sessions exceeding 40 hours are time-and-a-half of the minimum hourly rate.


bulletDaily and weekly rates must be paid prior to the start of the first session in order to reserve that block of time.
bulletHourly rates must be paid at the end of each session.
bulletIn the event that the session runs over budget and full payment cannot be made on the day of the session, payment may be made at a later date. However, nothing leaves the studio until the session is paid in full. This includes any copies of the unpaid session, such as reference files, CDs or any type of supplies.
bulletFor all fully paid sessions, 1 CD per session is supplied for any reference recordings or final mixes or masters, at no extra charge. Session rates apply during the time it takes to prepare the CD, but there is no charge for the physical CD.