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Captain Blue Records Submissions

Last update: 7/11/13

We are not currently accepting submissions.  We are however, starting work with a new artist. When that artist is developed to a point where we will need songs, we will post our request here. Please check back weekly.

Submission guidelines

Because of the large amount of material we receive, we have set professional guidelines to be followed for submission. These guidelines must be followed to the letter if you wish to have your submission heard.  Any submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be ignored.

  1. Check the "wanted" page to see what we are looking for.
  2. Submit only the type of music that we are requesting. Nothing else. This is very important. If you submit something that we have not requested, it will be considered unprofessional and any further submissions from you will be ignored.
  3. Send your demo in mp3 format, .wma, .ra, or .wav. Include your full name, and a telephone number where we may reach you. Do not send links to your music on another site. We do not follow links to listen to music.
  4. Do not call after sending a demo. We will send you an acknowledgement that we have received your demo if you have adhered to our guidelines. If we are interested in your song we will contact you.


We require the publishing rights to all songs that we use for any artist. Some people are reluctant to give up the publishing to their song. If you are among this mindset, please consider the following:

bulletGiving us the publishing does not mean you are giving away the rights to your royalties. The publisher pays royalties to the writer, and we do a 50-50 split between publisher and writer. In most cases this amounts to more than you would receive if you were both publisher and writer.
bulletYou have a song that you want recorded and we are in a position to make that happen. You have not had your song recorded at this time. You have not put your own money behind it to make that happen. If we use your song, we are investing both time and money into your song to make something happen for you. We expect a return on our investment just as you would if you invested in real estate, stocks, a business, etc. We only do win-win situations. By giving us the publishing you get paid and so do we. No label is in the business of taking a loss so the writer can get paid the lion's share of the royalties without putting any of their own money, artist development cost, or promotional efforts behind the song. We do not expect you to give us any money. We finance all of our own projects and expect a reasonable return on that investment.
bulletIt makes licensing much easier for us. If something needs to be changed during the recording session we don't need to go back to the writer each time for approval.
bulletIf our artist gets the attention of a film company or TV show or video game company and they are interested in your song we can quickly provide them with a license to use it. Again, everyone wins. In situations like this, time is of the essence.  If we have to contact the writer to get a license for something they own the publishing on and cannot reach them immediately, the opportunity will be lost. Additionally, we would have no incentive to try to get a licensing agreement if we did not own the publishing rights to the song.


We are looking for songwriters who are willing to participate in the promotion of the artist who is using their music.  Although we do not require any out-of-pocket expense to the songwriter, songwriters are expected to spread the word about this artist by word of mouth, and through social media networking such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other networks.  Those who have shown the most effort in promoting an artist will be given priority when additional songs are selected for upcoming albums.

Songwriters who have a song on any of our will be entitled to buy CDs at wholesale cost for resale after purchasing one CD at retail. This is not a requirement or a right. It is a privilege that we offer to our songwriters who believe in their song enough to be able to sell a CD with their song on it. This allows a songwriter to make additional profits from the sale of a CD that far exceed any royalties they will receive from the song unless it becomes a hit.


When we request songs, those demos with the quality of a finished master, and with tracks available that we can exchange for a portion of the publishing rights or purchase for use with our vocalist, will be given first preference. These types of submissions will save us the greatest amount of time and money.

High quality demos without available tracks will be given second preference. All others will go into last preference.

If you are in agreement with everything you have read on this page, Click here to Send your submission