Captain Blue Records began in 1980 in a bedroom where the first single release was produced.  This single is called “Dancin”, was recorded by a band called “Wojo”, and became a regional hit on the Eastern Seaboard in 1982.

Everything was done on a 1/4″, 15 IPS 4-track reel-to-reel tape recorder. Because of limited space, few microphones and inputs, and neighbors in the same building, a company called “Drum Drops” provided the drum track on vinyl record, which was the first usage of what we now call “Drum Loops”.

The studio had moved to a blueberry farm in Pennsylvania and began recording other artists who were making demos.  This helped the studio to grow in outboard gear up until the digital age began.  As the studio gradually migrated to computer based software for recording, downsizing began.

The studio is now located at the DeMelfi School of Music in Hazleton, Pa., and is available to anyone who needs a demo, a producer, or a master for release. 

The record label floats to different locations, and whenever promising talent is found, produces, records and releases them at the expense of the label whenever resources are available.